About Us

Devices For Home is an online assistant for choosing various household appliances: large and small household appliances, kitchen appliances, grills, various cleaning equipment, electronic devices and more.

Devices For Home is backed up by a team of experts who research, study, analyze, test, compare plenty of products available on the market. We do our best to save you time. Our goal is to find the best product for your needs among hundreds of other offers.

In 2017, Jim was working as a sales consultant in his brother’s online store. Constantly answering the same questions of customers and giving similar recommendations, Jim decided to create an online product selection advisor that would satisfy needs of a wide range of customers. Thus, the idea of Devices For Home was born.


Jim Powell

Jim has a degree in engineering as well as over 12-year experience of working in various offline and online household appliance stores, starting as a sales consultant and retiring as the head of the logistics and supply department. Jim perfectly knows such products as vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers, water heaters, large kitchen appliances and others.


Edwin Roberts

Edwin is an IT geek. He is a Cisco Certified Network Engineer. His passion is new technologies, devices and gadgets.

How we rate the products


First of all, we define the category of products to cover. It should be a household appliance, valuable for a consumer and in demand. For example, vacuum cleaners. After choosing a product category, we research all types of this product and their features. After that, we choose a type of product that meets certain needs of consumers. For example, handheld vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, pet hair vacuum cleaners, etc.

Having selected the product, our experts study all models presented on the market today, their technical specifications, descriptions, ratings and user reviews, also taking into account their personal experience of using certain products. Particular attention is given to user reviews. We have developed our own algorithm filtering out unrealistic and sponsored reviews. As a result, we get a list of 10-15 products that are worth considering.



Detailed analysis of selected products. We study reviews at every trustful resource (CNET, Wirecutter, Digital Trends, Consumer Reports, etc), find all available information about products from manufacturers, on forums and using other sources. After that, we get a preliminary TOP list.

The most interesting stage is testing. We buy selected products as regular customers and test them. After testing, some models are usually excluded from our list. We compare the results and, in the end, get a rating of a few best products.



And finally, we write a review.


  • We get no payment or rewards from manufacturers or anyone else for adding a product to our reviews.
  • We do not advertise on our site.
  • The only source of income for website maintenance is the sellers’ commission if you buy a product using our link.
  • The commission does not affect the product price in any way. If you return a product, we will not get anything. Therefore, we are interested in recommending only really best products.

We are hiring

If you are an expert in any type of household appliances, as well as in matters of housekeeping and home improvement, welcome to our team. Email us the information about yourself with the subject “Job in Devices For Home “.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.