10 Best garden hose reels

The HOSELINK is the best garden hose reel in 2021 that need an easy-to-use hose reel to get the job done in a timely manner. Read below reviews of other models that are in our TOP 10 list.


  • Keeps the hose organized
  • Retractable
  • Swivels in both directions
  • Adjustable spray patterns

Whether gardening is your hobby or your job, the use of gardening tools and appliances can make things much easier. That way, you can truly enjoy watering plants and beautifying the garden. Speaking of appliances, a garden hose is the most important item for your garden and yard. And so is keeping it well-protected so you can use it throughout the seasons and for many years. This is done with a garden hose reel. If you still haven’t bought it, well, it’s about time to do so. With one of these, the hose in your garden will finally look neat and tidy and will also add up to the look of your landscape. In this article, you’ll read about choosing the best garden hose reel and will also browse through our hose reel reviews.

Types of hose reels

Since there are several types of hose reels, it might not be a bad idea to learn a thing or two about them. This will point you in the right direction so you will know which hose reel to look for. Without further ado, here are the most common hose reels out there.


As the name implies, this type mounts on the wall. This one would make a great choice if you appreciate practicality but are not so concerned about whether the reel adds up to the look of your garden or yard. Just mount it on the wall, connect the hose to the water supply, and voila – you can start watering your garden.

Since the reel will now be out of the way, there is no risk of you tripping over it. Not to mention that a wall-mounted reel will free up some space on the ground at the same time looking neat and tidy. Apart from the space-saving design, this reel is also super easy to use and store. If you do not plan on moving a reel around, this one is the way to go.

Retractable hose

A retractable reel is a great choice for protecting the hose from UV rays and weather in general. This system is automatic, so winding and unwinding are as easy as it gets. This type also installs on the wall so you get to enjoy the same benefits that we’ve mentioned with the first type – a space-saving and practical design. What’s even better is that some models still could be moved around because they can be easily detached from the wall mount. This type usually comes with a hose that offers different spray modes such as jet, center, mist, etc. This is great if you have a mix of different plants and trees in your garden.


Just like a wall-mounted reel, this one is also a classic. Winding and unwinding are manual. This type is a great choice for watering large areas or if you have beautiful gardens to nourish, such as in front of the house and near your patio. A cart reel is equipped with wheels (two or four of them) so rolling it over your yard will be easy enough. In addition, this type is built to last. However, it can rust if left in the rain so be sure to store it in the garage when you’re finished with watering.

Heavy duty

A heavy-duty hose reel is made of either aluminum or steel and is designed to withstand rigorous use. This type of hose reel can be used for large areas but also for industrial purposes. They feature wheels so moving it from point A to point B will be smooth and easy. Some models offer a Quick-remove system so that the coil can be detached from the body.

Garden storage or box

If you want something different, why not pick this one? A storage garden reel practically looks like a box that keeps the hose safe and sound but also within easy reach. The hose is stored in a safe place so you don’t need to worry about the hose cracking or fading. Models come in different colors so you can choose the one that best matches your patio or landscape. These models usually have an automatic rewind feature so you will enjoy using the hose to water your multi-colored plants or wash your car. This is a great way to hide the hose while adding a beautiful touch to your yard.

Decorative reel

Speaking of adding a lovely touch to your yard, this one might be just the thing you’re looking for. A decorative reel will look amazing while at the same time fulfilling its primary purpose – to keep the hose organized and easy to use. It mounts on the wall and usually features a top shelf where you can place a pot with flowers or some tools for the garden. So, not only does it look wonderful but it also serves well!

On your way to the best garden hose reel

Finding a good hose reel is important, even more so if you’re using it every day. Rather than buying a cheap hose reel every year or two, we suggest you invest in a product that will be your ally. With that in mind, here are the things to bear in mind when shopping for a hose reel.

Automatic or manual

As you’ve seen in the types of hose reels, you can choose between an automatic hose reel and a manual one. This is a matter of preference so think about it before heading to the shop.

Hose length

Hopefully, by now, you’ve decided what type would work best for your needs. And now, another thing to think about is the length of a hose. Make sure that you pick a hose reel that is large enough to accommodate the hose.


Regardless of the size of your yard and frequency of use, you should aim to buy a good quality hose reel that will last for years. The best hose reel will pay off in the long run even if it costs more upfront. Of course, you should keep an eye on it and protect it from the weather when needed in order to keep it functional for longer.


Another thing to check is the size of a hose reel. If we’re talking about a garden reel box, you would want to have a place for it before you buy it. Size is not such a big factor for wall-mounted models, assuming that your walls are clear of other shelves.

Best garden hose reels of 2021

PreviewProduct nameTypeHose CapacityDimensions - inchesWeightMore information
HoselinkHOSELINKWall-mounted82ft long 9/16" hose24 x 10.6 x 19.332 lbs
GARDENA reviewGARDENAWall-mounted82 ft., ½ hose20 x 11 x 2018 lbs
Suncast Hosemobile reviewSuncast HosemobileCart175' long 5/8" hose24.5 x 24.5 x 24.512 lbs
Suncast Aquawinder hose reel reviewSuncast AquawinderHose reel storage125' of 5/8 hose24" x 27" x 23.5"22.1 lbs
Liberty Garden 708Liberty Garden 708Wall-mounted125-feet, 5/8-inch15.7 x 21 x 1512 lbs
Liberty Garden 712 Liberty Garden 712 Single Arm NavigatorWall-mounted100-feet, 5/8-inch18.6 x 20.3 x 2215 lbs
RSH125 reviewRSH125Hose reel storage125' of 5/8 hose20.8 x 14.3 x 20.217.8 lbs
Rapid ReelCart150' x 5/8"23 x 20 x 10.833 lbs
Strongway reviewStrongwayWall-mounted150' x 5/8"18 x 16 x 1922 lbs
Palm SpringsPalm SpringsHeavy Duty Reel Cart250ft.of 5/8 hose33 x 24.5 x 34.5in35 lbs

Take a look at this table to see what products we’ll be talking about. Below you’ll encounter garden hose reel reviews of 10 products; each one is suited to a different type of customer. You’ll learn what each product offers and what it does not hence you will be able to make an educated decision and buy what you truly need.

Garden hose reel reviews

HOSELINK – Best overall



  • 82ft long 9/16″ hose
  • Spring-loaded
  • 7-function spray
  • Swivels 180-degree

The HOSELINK retractable garden hose reel is a terrific choice for home gardeners who need a practical and easy-to-use hose reel.

This one comes with a garden hose which is a big plus, considering you can set everything in about 20 minutes. Installation is quite easy, with a mounting bracket and hardware included. Install the hose reel and connect the hose to the water supply and voila – the watering can begin. Another great thing is that the reel swivels 180 degrees so you can adjust it when watering different parts of the garden. Still, the selling point is an easy-to-pull-out hose that also retracts on its own. However, be sure not to let it go once it starts retracting otherwise it may damage the reel.

The main hose is 82 feet long. The connections on the main hose are standard so you can promptly connect a sprinkler if needed. The hose has seven spray patterns, including mist, jet, and center. The plastic body can withstand UV rays hence the hose stays out of harm’s way. You can even purchase a cover for the reel to further protect it. With all these amazing features, this is arguably the best wall mounted garden hose reel for home gardeners.

What we like:

  • Swivels in both directions
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with an 82ft. hose
  • Retractable hose reel
  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Looks neat and tidy
  • Protects the hose from UV rays

What we didn’t like:

  • Not the prettiest box out there

GARDENA – Best design



  • 82 ft. hose
  • The hose is ½ in diameter
  • 180degree swivel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Steel spring

The GARDENA may be the best garden hose reel if you’re looking for a nice-looking and sturdy reel that will last you for a long time.

The GARDENA hose reel is slightly more expensive than our first choice but it’s also looking more beautiful. It is made of high-quality materials so it feels sturdy. No doubt that this one will stand the test of time and pay off in the long run.

The hose winds beautifully and evenly, making it so easy to use. You won’t have to deal with hose twisting ever again! Or as long as you use this one. Installation is also simple and quick, with a wall-mount and bracket included. Thanks to an ergonomic handle, the reel can be detached from the base so it stays safe in winter. A 180-degree swivel is another feature worth mentioning. The hose is 82ft. long so you’ll be able to water plants all around the property. The downside is that the hose is small in diameter (1/2) which means that the water pressure is decreased too.

What we like:

  • Well-built
  • Retracts beautifully
  • Looks neat and modern
  • Swivels 180-degree

What we didn’t like:

  • Lower water pressure due to a ½ diameter
  • Expensive

Suncast Hosemobile – Best affordable



  • Easylink system
  • Made from molded plastic
  • Hose capacity: 175′ of 5/8″

If you want to replace your old hose reel cart at a reasonable price, the Suncast Hosemobile may be the answer to that. This is a nice, plastic hose reel cart that does what it’s supposed to do so you will not be disappointed.

The Suncast hose reel is a breeze to set up but also to use. Thanks to two wheels, you won’t have any problems moving it around your property and watering every corner of your garden. Although it is made of lightweight plastic, it still looks nice and blends into the environment. Looking on the bright side, the plastic doesn’t rust. If taken care of, this model can easily last you a few years. In addition, the Suncast reel cart will save you space by keeping the hose uncluttered. It has 175′ of 5/8″ hose capacity but bears in mind it doesn’t come with the main hose.

What we like:

  • Great price
  • Does what it’s supposed to do
  • Easy to set everything up
  • Can be rolled around the garden
  • Color blends into the garden

What we didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t come with the main hose
  • Not very sturdy
  • Can leak at the fittings

Suncast Aquawinder – Best for hiding the hose



  • Water-powered
  • Hose capacity: 125′ of 5/8 hose

If you’re looking for garden hose storage, the Aquawinder might be your best bet. Finally, your hose will be out of sight yet close when you need it.

Here we have an automatic hose reel that combines nice looks and functionality. The hose is stored in a lovely brown box that will be a great addition to your patio. The box is made of plastic featuring a wood-like design that looks modish but doesn’t take much space. The reel has a large capacity – 125′ of 5/8 hose. This is a water-powered garden reel so you just need to pull a lever when you want to unwind the hose. This is especially important if your arms are not as strong as they used to be. The storage is lightweight should you need to move it elsewhere. While brown looks nice, not everyone would be thrilled to have it.

What we like:

  • Automatic hose reel
  • Durable casing
  • Looks classy
  • Easy to use

What we didn’t like:

  • Comes only in brown

Liberty Garden 708 – Best decorative



  • Hose capacity: 125′ of 5/8″
  • 5′ leader hose
  • High-quality steel construction
  • Horizontal 16” mounting holes
  • Brass fittings

The Liberty garden hose reel is a great choice for storing your garden hose in style.

The construction is made from high-quality steel with spiral flourishes so it looks very decorative. There’s also a top shelf on the reel so you can use it for displaying your favorite plants or gardening tools. The hose reel is built to last and features a rust-resistant finish so it’s protected from the weather. The construction features a rubber handle for a nice grip. Thanks to the handle, winding up is easy although sometimes the hose can get stuck. The hose reel comes with a 125′ of 5/8″ hose capacity. With brass fittings, you don’t have to be concerned about the water leaking. The con is that a water hose and hardware are not included.

What we like:

  • Steel construction
  • Rubber handle
  • Easy to wind
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Storage Shelf

What we didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t come with a water hose and hardware for installation

Liberty Garden 712 – Best durable



  • Holds 100-feet of 5/8-inch hose
  • 360-degree rotation knob
  • 18 gauge steel construction with brass fittings

Here we have another Liberty garden hose reel, though this one is more durable but less stylish than the first one. It’s a great choice if you need a high-quality, sturdy hose reel.

Made of 18 gauge steel and featuring a bronze powder finish, this is the best wall mounted garden hose reel when it comes to sturdiness. If you want your money well spent, this is the hose reel you would want to buy. It installs easily though it doesn’t include the hose and mounting hardware. What’s great is that you can swivel it 90-degrees. It also features a knob for 360-degree rotation so winding the hose would not be hard. Although the description says this one would hold 125ft. hose, it will not. It’s better to try a smaller length. There’s a storage tray included which is really handy for keeping tools at easy reach.

What we like:

  • Sturdy
  • Built to last for years
  • Swivels 90 degrees
  • Knob for easy winding
  • Weather-resistant

What we didn’t like:

  • Mounting hardware and hose not included
  • Cannot hold 125ft.hose

Mediumlight 125 – Best cheap hose storage



  • Capacity: 125-foot hose
  • Water-powered

Mediumlight 125 garden hose storage is perfect for those on a budget who also have realistic expectations on a garden crate.

Here we have a crate that keeps the hose protected from the UV rays while also saving you time and effort on winding the hose. If you want to replace your old crate, or are simply looking for basic hose reel storage, this one would fit the bill. The plastic casing is rugged and sturdy. This model could easily last you a few years, being a good investment. The reel is water-powered for effortless hose winding and storing back. However, you do need to keep an eye on hose winding otherwise the hose may not roll up evenly. All in all, this product comes at a low price and does a great job of keeping your garden hose safe and sound.

What we like:

  • Cheap
  • Well-built
  • Works great
  • Easy to use
  • Water-powered

What we didn’t like:

  • Hose not included
  • You have to supervise rewinding

Eley – Portable hose reel cart

The Eley reel cart works like a charm for large gardens and landscapes that require frequent and intensive care.

Constructed from Diecast Aluminum, featuring Two 10″ Tires and a comfortable handle, the Eley garden reel can really make a difference in handling the needs of different plants in your garden. Two 10″ Tires make the cart easy to maneuver around the property so you can easily finish watering plants in time. Since this is a heavy-duty hose reel cart, it’s designed for large gardens and landscapes. The hose capacity is 150′ x 5/8″. The cart features a built-in manual reel brake so you don’t have to worry about the hose unwinding on its own.

A 10-year warranty makes this model the best hose reel for home gardeners who want a reliable unit that will last for years to come.

What we like:

  • Heavy duty
  • Reliable
  • Easy to maneuver across the property
  • Great for large gardens
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty

What we didn’t like:

  • Hose not included

Strongway – Best for heavy-duty use



  • Suitable for 150ft. x 5/8in. hose
  • L rubber connection, brass fittings, and mounting hardware included

The Strongway wall-mounted hose reel is perfect for heavy-duty use.

This model is designed to withstand rigorous use and to offer you reliability and durability. Made of a sturdy steel frame and coated to resist corrosion, this reel will keep the hose in good condition for years to come. It’s easy to use because you can modify it for left or right-handed use. You can also choose to install it parallel or perpendicular. The Strongway has a large capacity – 150ft. x 5/8in., being the best garden hose reel for tough jobs.

What we like:

  • Durable
  • Can be installed to suit left or right-handed
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Brass fittings for reliability
  • Large capacity

What we didn’t like:

  • Hose not included

Palm Springs – Best hose capacity



  • Steel frame
  • Brass connections
  • Hose capacity: 250ft of 5/8″ hose
  • 4 x 10″ rubber tires

If you have a large yard and need a long hose to work with, this one may be the best hose reel for your requirements.

The Palm Spring hose reel cart is a heavy-duty cart that comes with four rubber tires. You’ll move it across the grass, gravel or patio without any trouble. This one has the largest hose capacity compared to other products on our list. It’s ideal for 200-250ft.long 5/8 hose. Thanks to four tires, the cart won’t tip over under the weight of the hose. There’s a handy storage basket included so you can keep connections, or tools at hand. Installation is easy and it should take you about half an hour. On the downsides, the cart doesn’t come with a brake whereas the included hose is poorly built.

What we like:

  • Rolls smoothly
  • Easy to install
  • Holds up to a 250ft.of hose
  • Storage basket included

What we didn’t like:

  • Doesn’t have a brake
  • The included hose is flimsy


Keeping your garden hose protected will prolong its life and also make your garden/yard look more organized. You’ve just gone through our best garden hose reel products list so we truly hope you found what you were looking for.

We certainly did, and that’s the first hose reel we’ve reviewed – HOSELINK retractable garden hose reel. Why is this one our fave? Well, because it does an amazing job of keeping the garden hose organized and safe. It’s also super easy to use because it is retractable and swivels in both directions. Adjustable spray patterns really come in handy for different plant needs, while the casing keeps the hose protected from the elements and the Sun. All in all, this model offers everything an average gardener needs.

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