How does a diffuser work?

If you are interested in unconventional methods of improving and balancing you emotionally and physically, if you need improvement in health problems from anxiety to poor sleep and sleep deprivation, you may want to consider a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts. So, in order to enhance both physical and emotional health, to promote health and wellness perhaps you will need to understand how essential oil diffusers work. If you want your body, mind, and spirit to be grateful to you, read the instruction carefully.

How do essential oil diffusers work

If you are reading this, you must wonder “How does a diffuser work?”. Yet before moving on to the description of diffusers itself, let’s get an overview of what essential oils actually are. Oils are made of different things. Among them can be lavender oil, cedar oil, cypress wood. Oils are made out of leaves, stems, bark, flowers, fruit, etc., everything that can be compressed, steamed, pressed and make oils. They are very concentrated and have things like peppermint and vanilla.

Gradually moving on to diffusers it is worth mentioning that they work by emitting essential oils into the air. This is supposed to be inhaled and immediately absorbed by the body. Another added benefit, a major part of essential oils also disperses a pleasant scent into the air. It happens when essential oils are distributed via diffuser and a process of purifying the air namely killing bacteria and fungus occurs. Among other essential oils diffuser benefits are the following improving mental clarity and mindfulness, cleaning the mind, relieving the state of stress and tension, increasing concentration, positive effect to the immune system, removing unpleasant fragrances, improving alertness.

Types of oil diffuser

There are many types of oil diffusers and their principles of work.


This kind is called a nebulizer. It takes the essential oil bottle and it takes the tube and it has the vacuum that throws over the other end of the tube which sucks up the essential oil and then it creates a fine mist of the actual pure oil. There is no water or anything else. What is more, it is really concentrated; it is alright, though as long as it’s dispersing the oils through the air. Thus this is the way to get the purest form of aromatherapy with essential oils. The small downside here is it being louder in comparison to other models. The reason is that the motor will be running so that the oil can vaporize and become a mist. Still, it is a nice way if you are willing to get a raw and pure form of essential oil out into the air.

Ultrasonic diffuser

Next is an ultrasonic diffuser which is made of bamboo including a small oscillating disk at the bottom of the tube. It vibrates really fast-breaking water and oil in microparticles consequently creating a steam helping humidify and release essential oils into the room. You should keep in mind that this is the most common kind you do have to use water with these. Make sure you don’t get the water in the internal parts.

Evaporative diffuser

Evaporative diffusers are as simple as child’s play. You have a fan and a pad with essential oils. The fan blows the air through it and it puts the essential oils in the air. It’s impossible to get simpler than that. Finally, you have to heat diffuser which will heat up the oils and will create a really strong aroma. However, the downside of this is that sometimes the heat can damage or alter the essential oils and as a result get rid of some benefits. It is completely silent and it’s up to you if you are going to put up with changing and altering the oil.

How do reed diffusers work

Diffusers are a fabulous way to constantly maintain a pleasant fragrance in certain areas in your house. Such as a foyer so as to walk into the doorstep and you or your guests could feel wonderful odor in case there was a lack of time to light candles. Other places like powder rooms, bathrooms, a kitchen where you would like it to smell good but are unable to keep a candle on a regular basis.

Reed diffusers come in two different ways. One with the liquid already in where you just unwrap the bottle. There must be a stopper in there. All you need is to put reeds in. You must watch out especially when the bottle is already filled as sometimes they fill it pretty high and as a result, the liquid will come over the top. So in order to avoid spoiling a nice wood surface and having ugly stains, you better have something underneath.

The second way is in a separate bottle and a vase you choose by yourself where you can pour a little or the whole thing if you want to, but sometimes it’s just better to pour a little so that when it does evaporate you can keep it fresh by adding more and more. Again the same type of deal with reeds. Some will fill up too high when you put the reeds in and it overflows so always be careful of that.

How to make the most of diffusers

To begin, put it the high-traffic area in your room so either place where people walk by frequently like a table or put it near the entrance to the room like on a side table as you walk in a door. That way you gonna pick up the fragrance as you go by it, thinking of the diffuser as a bouquet of flowers. You’re gonna notice that scent as you cross it past. They are not necessary to fill the entire room with fragrance. Sometimes that’s an ambitious expectation of a diffuser. Some will do that but it depends on brand and size and inner space of your room and a fragrance that you choose. Ideally, you should put it somewhere where there’s some movement in the room, air circulation.

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  • Tina Swaim

    December 17, 2022 at 6:25 PM

    I found your article on diffusers helpful; however, it doesn’t seem to cover the type of diffuser that I have. It is a vintage diffuser (made in France in the mid 1900s I think) that has a ceramic bowl/bottle with a doubled fabric cord 1/4″ in diameter that acts as a stem that has a plastic top that seems to be constructed in a certain way to release fragrance but it has no holes in it. It holds the two ends of the cord together and the looped stem fits in the bottle, if that makes any sense. I assume the fabric stems goes into the bottle and the plastic thing sits in the top of the bottle. Have you ever heard of this type of diffuser and how this top piece works to release the fragrance? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Or if you know of someone else familiar with this type of diffuser I would appreciate that as well. I can send pictures if you think that would help. Thank you for your time.
    Tina Swaim


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