How to get the smell out of a washing machine

Smelly washing machines solutions is a must to get nice-smelling and clean laundry. If your washing machine is dirty then it can cause foul-scented laundry over some time. Generally, front-loading machines develop a foul smell over time due to multiple parts present in it that remain wet even after the washing cycle has completed. Let’s have a look at some of the pointers on how to get the smell out of a washing machine. Many products like bleaches, alkaline solutions, etc. are available in the market that can be used to cleanse the machine. Cleaning the washing machine is a simple task and doesn’t require much effort.

With proper maintenance and care, you can keep the foul smell away from your washing machine. By following some simple tips you can get rid of the smell in the washing machine. Below are a few pointers that will guide you with the washing machine cleansing process.

How to get the smell out of a washing machine

Gasket cleaning

The rubber strip that seals the machine and is present on the washing machine door is called the gasket. Post washing, dirty water, and debris can get accumulated. Therefore, its cleaning is essential to prevent foul smell accumulation. You can use a towel or a rag to wipe the gasket and then use a combination of water and bleach to clean it properly. If the marks or the residue in the gasket is hard to remove with a rag then you can use a scrubbing material like an old toothbrush to remove the debris and stains.

Cleaning cycle run

You can follow the cleansing cycle run as given by the machine manufacturer in the manual. Generally, the longest wash cycle is run with hot water and a cleansing agent for the deep cleaning of the machine. Once the cycle is completely run, you can wipe the interior of the machine with a rag or a towel. If the smell remains, then you can run another cycle or change the cleansing agent like baking soda, bleach, etc. This is how you can get the smell out of the washer.

Cleaning soap dispensers

The soap dispensers are generally detachable and can be easily removed from the washing machine. The soap residue and stagnant water can cause these dispensers to smell. Once removed from the machine, you can clean them thoroughly with hot soapy water. Let them dry for some time before putting them back in the machine. If you are unable to remove the dispenser, then you can wipe them with a towel to clear the debris. This is another useful method on how to get the smell out of the washing machine.

Machine repair

If even after following the above steps foul smell persists in your machine then you can call the manufacturer for repair support as there could be molds or clogging in a drain or a filter in the machine which can only be rectified by a professional. You can check the warranty document to understand the issues covered in a manufacturer’s warranty. Schedule an appointment with a certified repair person to diagnose the real reason for the foul smell. The repair person will check the machine and suggest a repair or replacement of the machine part causing the issue.

How to prevent unwanted odor from machines

Prevention is always better than a cure. Disciplined use of your washing machine and timely cleaning will ensure that any foul smell or odor isn’t developed in the first place. Just by following the below mentioned simple maintenance and cleaning steps you can maintain the long life of your washing machine.

Regular cleaning

You shouldn’t leave your washing machine unattended post-wash as it can start getting smelly over time. To keep the interior surfaces clear from deposits and residuals you should wipe all them regularly. You can use a warm cloth to clean the interiors and also add a bit of vinegar to sanitize the inner surfaces of the washing machine.

Use of right detergent

The detergents that are made to be used for high-efficiency washing machines are good at maintaining cleanliness as they produce fewer studs when used for cleaning. The regular detergents when used, tend to produce fewer residuals and suds. These suds and residuals can get stuck in different parts of the machine and develop a foul smell over some time. The high-efficiency detergents will not only wash clothes cleanly but also help in keeping your machine fresher and free from unwanted residual deposits.

Sterilizing the machine

Cleaning the machine with bleach is the best solution to keep it safe from residual deposits. To do this you can add the bleach to the detergent dispenser and then run the empty machine on a hot cycle. Stop the machine once you see the water sloshing and let the mixture sit in the machine for about half an hour. Run the remaining cycle again and then rinse out the bleach thoroughly before the next use.

Air out the machine

Post the washing completion, keep the door of the machine opens for the tub to dry up. The more the circulation of fresh air inside the tub, the less are the chances of mold built-up in the machine. Once the inside of the washing machine is completely dry, then you can close the door.

Remove the wet clothes immediately

Generally, people leave wet clothes unattended in the washing machine post the completion of the washing cycle. If you take out the clothes immediately after the washing process then the moisture inside the tub reduces and hence the molds don’t get built-up easily.

Following the above tips and tricks, you can keep the machine away from developing foul smell and get a better and cleaner wash. We hope you will follow the above steps on how to get the smell out of the washing machine and maintain a longer life for your machine. Do share any other tips that you may be used for keeping mildew smell out of the washer in the comments section.

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