The most efficient space heater type

A dilemma about the most efficient space heater type pops up and becomes an acute problem when it comes to creating some warmth in such places as home, a workspace or a garage in the winter months.

For a long time, you might have wondered what makes a space heater effective and cost-saving but you didn’t have time to run some tests yourself so this article is going to tackle the problem of choice. Get ready to learn all about saving money and doing things the most effective and efficient way you possibly can.

 types of the most efficient space heaters

In addition, let’s discuss the pros and cons of each type of space heater. Here are some things you will absolutely love about the oil-filled space heater. So for one, it has an analog space button in order to turn on and off with a smart switch. It has a long cooldown period so it can heat the room even after you’ve turned it off. It has no moving parts so it’s very quiet and it doesn’t get very hot thus it is quite safe to the touch. Some of the things you might not like about the heater. It’s really quite heavy. If this is tipped especially tipped onto a child it could be rather dangerous. On top of that, being heavy is not very mobile. It also takes a while to heat up. So if you want instant heat, you’re not gonna get it with an oil-filled space heater. You will also find it quite large. Another con is that because it only has an analog temperature dial you can kind of have to guess with setting the thermostat.

Recommendations to use would be for an enclosed room where you have a stationary area and you could set it and leave it there as a permanent heater.

Infrared quartz space heater

This kind of heater I would call high-efficiency space heater as it gets hot probably 15 seconds after you turn it on. You can’t help agreeing that it is a pretty instant space heater. It has a fan so the heat radiates pretty well around the whole room. Another awesome thing about this space heater is that they are designed to look like furniture. You can keep it in one spot and use as a furniture piece. Another fabulous thing is that it is digital and can be controlled with remote control. You can be sitting at your desk or something and control it that way. Talking about cons, due to having a fan it can be loud. This space heater has a sound, you can’t control it with a smart socket, the area that the heat comes out is concentrated so the metal grade can get really hot and you can burn if you touch it.

Freestanding stove

One of the most efficient space heater types can be the freestanding stove. This type is reminiscent of an antique stove. It is a great electric fireplace at a very reasonable price. This stove ships fully assembled and is ready to go once you plug it into a standard household outlet. Independent controls allow you to operate the heat and the flame effects separately providing you with a realistic flame that can be enjoyed you round. This stove provides 4600 BTUs of warmth suitable for use as a supplemental heat source for up to 400 square feet.

Panel space heater

Another mica panel space heater. It’s lightweight especially for the size, it’s very easy to pick up and very easy to move. You get instant heat as soon as you turn it on you can feel the heat. What is more, it radiates very well throughout the whole room. Out of many space heaters, it is by far the hottest. It has got an analog switch which means you can turn it on and off using the smart switch.

Among some of the cons the top gets very hot, you could probably burn if you touch it. Another thing which is not great – it looks pretty boring, it is fairly large, it doesn’t look like furniture, it is very obviously a space heater, you don’t have any digital reading.

Ceramic heater

Last is a ceramic heater. One of the things that should be attractive about a ceramic heater is that it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It can small and portable and easy to move. As most ceramic heaters it consists of a fan which is nice for directing a heat where you want it to go. A ceramic heater seems to spread the heat out pretty well, so if you touch any part it doesn’t get very hot. Cons of a ceramic space heater are being noisy and digital on/off button doesn’t allow to use it with a smart socket in turn on and off with a smart socket if that’s what you want to do.

high efficiency space heater

On the whole, mica panel space heater and the infrared quartz space heater make by far the largest difference in the first 15 minutes of it being on. There’s the largest temperature change of all the space heaters mentioned above. After doing some calculations and it turns out that if you want to use the space heater for about four hours a day during approximately four months of the year it’s going to cost you roughly fifty to sixty dollars that year. So, in fact, space heaters aren’t super cheap especially when you are doing multiple rooms or have it on for more than four hours a day.

To conclude, the only major difference between these electrical devices is shape and size and how it disperses the heat. That being said, there are some things with space heaters that can contribute to the efficiency of a space heater. Finally, when you decide on a space heater you really need, figure out what features are important for you and what your overall goal is and also the scenario in which you will be using a space heater.

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